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We hear a lot about how installing programmable thermostats can save money on your energy bills. It is true that they can save money, however many people don’t understand how to set them properly and actually cost themselves more energy usage and stress on their Furnace or Air Conditioning units.

Many people set their thermostats 10-15 degrees cooler/ warmer during the day while they are at work. Under these circumstances in the winter when you go to work your home starts cooling and continues to cool throughout the day including the walls, furniture and floors. Now shortly before you come home your furnace turns on and and must reheat the air in your home 10-15 degrees very quickly, then it must also reheat the walls, furniture and floors to make your home comfortable again, requiring the furnace to work much harder for a longer period of time. Since the furniture and walls are cold they will continue to radiate that cold to bring down the temperature of your home for hours. This cycle continues until they have regained the ambient temperature of the room, which is probably about the time you leave for work, thus starting the cycle all over again.

This can require more energy and is less efficient than if you program your thermostat to just a few degrees difference (3-4) while you are out. By doing this your home will be more efficient and more comfortable. The same concept works against you in the summer making your A/C less efficient as well.

By programming your thermostat to change only 3-4 degrees your Furnace/Air-conditioner are able to maintain the new temperature setting with little effort and then bring the temperature back to a comfortable level without having to reheat/cool everything in the home.

The 3-4 degree change will actually save you more money and energy than the 10-15 degree change and will require less stress on your furnace or A/C units and therefore will save on maintenance as well.

Other energy-saving tips: Change your filters often this ensures maximum air-flow and efficiency. Cover high returns in the winter and low returns in the summer with a magnetic cover. Caulk around windows, doors, chimneys and anywhere heat can escape. Keep leaves and debris away from your outdoor units as they can block air flow. A humidifier in dry climates can make it “feel” warmer in your home.

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