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Most manufacturers warranties state you should have your heating/ air-conditioning units serviced every 6 months. Not doing so may void the warranty.

A service and inspection will look at and clean burners, pressure switch ports, flame sensors, filters, and all wiring to ensure that they are not loose or burned. While regular inspections are not guaranteed to eliminate break downs, they will dramatically reduce the possibility. Murphy’s Law requires that most breakdowns will occur on the coldest day of the year or on the weekends and holidays. You can help defeat Murphy by having service done regularly.

You can schedule a service call anytime that is convenient for you eliminating lost time at work or missed special events. Breakdowns are always costly and inconvenient in the winter they may even add additional issues of frozen pipes and added plumbing problems.

Everything mechanical needs regular maintenance and service. Would you drive your car for 100,000 miles without changing the oil, air filters or putting air in the tires occasionally? You know if you don’t care for your vehicle, chances are good you would get stuck on the side of the road somewhere. If you care for it with regular maintenance it will last you for 200 or even 300,000 miles. Your homes mechanical systems are no different. It is easy to forget about them, until you need them and they don’t work properly. Regular maintenance will ensure you aren’t “left out in the cold” literally and figuratively. Air Conditioning Contractors of America is a good resource for consumers to find tips and contractors.

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