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Fesmire Heating and Air Conditioning would like to thank all of our great customers. Many of you have been with us for so long, it feels like you are family. Many of you are new customers that we look forward to serving for many years to come.

While we may consider you to be like family, we don’t want to see you over the holiday, because your furnace isn’t working. We want to take a moment to encourage you to check your furnace filter. As the cold weather is finally moving into our area, and furnaces are being used for the season, it is important to check the filters and make sure they are clean and allowing air flow. If in doubt, change the filter! Filters are relatively inexpensive and easy to change. A clean filter can increase the efficiency of your system and greatly reduce emergency service calls. So when you pull the turkey out of the freezer to defrost, take a moment to check the filter on your furnace and change it if needed, also check and replace the batteries in your thermostat, then when you sit down to your Thanksgiving dinner, you can be thankful that you are home, warm and safe and your furnace is working at it’s full efficiency.

From Louie and Laurie Fesmire, we wish you a very Happy and warm Thanksgiving, filled with family and friends. thanksgiving-banner