A reminder to change your filters!

Merry Christmas2

We have a winter storm coming and if you haven’t recently changed the filter in your furnace, please do so NOW! At the very least your furnace will run more efficiently. A dirty filter may actually cause your furnace to shut down. Louie has made many emergency service calls to find systems that are filthy and filters completely clogged.

A furnace requires air to heat, cold air in the intake is heated and pushed through the duct work. If air cannot enter, the system shuts down. The single most important thing you can do, is change your filter. When you are changing your filter, if you notice the system is extremely dirty, call for service and we will get you scheduled for a cleaning and check the system for you. This will eliminate the need for an emergency call on a weekend, and will help ensure you are warm and comfortable during the holiday! Thank you for your business and referrals.

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours! Louie & Laurie Fesmire