In Colorado the switch from Heating to Air Conditioning can be a little difficult. Temps in the 80’s one day and freezing with snow the next. Do you wear shorts or a parka when you leave the house? Maybe a parka with shorts to be safe. The crazy weather makes it difficult for small animals as well. So often they will take up residence in your heating and Air conditioning system. While hanging out in your system or duct work they can cause much damage, from nibbling on the wiring and nesting in the insulation to adding allergens, bacteria & viruses to the air you breathe. Nesting materials combined with nibbled wiring might cause a fire. mouse curious

It is important to have your equipment properly serviced, most warranties are void if the units are not serviced. Even if you have older equipment that is not under warranty, a proper cleaning and once over will ensure that your equipment will work in the optimal and most efficient way. A proper servicing will check filters, wiring and clean the system to ensure it is working efficiently.

It is difficult to know when to get call to have your A/C unit serviced and your furnace shut down for the season. The good news is you can call now and beat the rush and be ready when the weather turns warm or cold again. Louie can service both and you don’t have to be at the mercy of Colorado’s crazy weather patterns.