Louie at Fesmire Heating and A/C agrees completely. Neglecting your equipment will lead to more expense. The costs come from added energy consumption, damage to equipment because it is working harder than it needs to, and possibly voiding of your warranty. A service and maintenance fee is actually inexpensive insurance in maintaining your comfort and lowering your expenses.

Mike's Heating & Cooling

Mike’s Heating & Cooling offers customers complete air conditioner maintenance.

Facebook Ads - SPRING AC TUNE-UPA neglected air conditioner:

  • uses more energy to run
  • has more frequent break downs
  • may have restricted air flow, causing icing
  • may have a shorter lifespan

Routine air conditioner maintenance:

  • should be preformed on your A/C unit at the beginning of the cooling season
  • keeps your A/C operating at peak efficiency
  • can catch repairs early before you need emergency service or costly parts

Many of the big repairs we see could have been avoided by catching the problem when it was small.

air conditioner2Save On Your Cooling Costs

A tune-up can actually save you money. It is estimated you can improve your cooling efficiency by 25% and lengthen the life of your unit.

Mike’s Air Conditioner Tune-Up includes:

  • Checking refrigerant pressure and amount of refrigerant
  • Check motor voltage and amp draw
  • Check controls, thermostat and temperature rise and drop
  • Check condenser unit and coils

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